I have still not managed to recover from the general election results 

I really feel so disappointed that we in Britain are going to be forced to endure another, even worse, five years of Tory government.

Five more years of systematic social inequality with the word ‘austerity’ attached to it to justify the colossal damage inflicted on the lives of people. To justify cleaving apart the National Health Service and implementing harmful economic and social policies which seem to be cruel for the sake of it as opposed to being effective. I really can’t decide if people belive that the everlasting age of austerity that the Tories would be happy to continue   and take further is actually for their benefit. The entire purpose of the cuts being implemented to every possible aspect of life seems just to be to take further the type of policy characteristic of harmful, thoughtless, ineffective right-wing poison which the country has largely faced since Thatcher. Homelessness, poverty and hunger have all increased under the kind of selfish policy this next governemt is sure to pursue. Those three issues are just three examples of the type of problems which are sure to be excasserbated over the next few years.

Social inequalities are too high, as they have been for decades. The thought that we will have no break from trends of increasing inequlaities, poverty, homelessnes, social problems, fear, distrust in politics, preying on vulnerable social groups and clear class divisions is ghastly.

This is all made even worse by the tragically high number of votes gained by UKIP. This is so disturbing to me and I’m sure many other rational people. If nothing else, this will lead the Tory government to pursue policies over the next governemt to appeal to the voters who voted for the corrosive party. UKIP preyed on lack of trust and fear, unfortunately they enjoyed a degree of success. I’m left speechless and ashamed that they gained as much as they did. To see their policies emulated elsewhere really would turn my stomach. This may well be part of the reasoning being the already planned scrapping of the human rights act by the ‘new’ governemt.

I really, truly, hugely fear for the future of this country.

… Good luck everyone.


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