Hi everyone. My name’s Adam and I’m a politics student, doing my MA at Manchester now. Originally Welsh though. Since there’s so many topics I’d love to cover in university work but but don’t really get the chance, I thought id start a blog so I can write up some essays, opinion pieces and general thoughts about different topics. Apparently I’m a terrible narcissist thinking people will want to read what I have to say about anything. Hopefully thought someone will read what I write and find it interesting or useful; or just know there’s someone else as angry about something as they are. I’ll aim to post weekly or bi-weekly if I can. I’m into a lot of different things from video games to Marxism and queer theory so I’m hoping this page will be pretty diverse. 

Expect ranting and left-wing political opinions. 

Enjoy, and let me know what you think of what I write. 



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